Month: June 2015

Seldon v0.94 release with user tag based affinity modelling and multiple dimensions

Aside from some performance improvements, there are two new functionality updates in this release. Firstly, a user tag based affinity modelling and item recommendation algorithm. This provides a simple use case where clients have keyword tagged items. The offline modeling stage associates users to tags they have interacted with more than the average user based…

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Seldon Release General Prediction Endpoint

Until now, Seldon has been focused on providing an enterprise-grade open-source recommendation engine – i.e. to suggest articles, videos, products to people based on behavioural and contextual data. In version 0.93, a general prediction endpoint is now available to developers. This major new feature allows easy integration of classification and regression machine learning models into…

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Machine Intelligence 2015 hosted by Playfair Capital at Bloomberg

London has certainly become an artificial intelligence centre of excellence, with Google’s acquisition of Deepmind in 2014 and world-class research filtering through from Imperial, UCL, Oxford and Cambridge. At Seldon’s HQ, Warner Yard, we have seen an increase in start-ups with AI at the core of their offering in the last year, particular from the…

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