Month: June 2016

Seldon 1.3.3 released with Kafka Streams

We’re pleased to release Seldon 1.3.3 with several changes: Analytics provided by Kafka Streams instead of Spark Streaming New Movielens 10 Million Demo Comprehensive benchmarking guide The 1.3.2 release of Seldon contained Spark streaming jobs to feed real-time analytics of running predictive API calls. However, Spark Streaming was quite a heavy requirement to enforce on…

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Seldon 1.3.2 with Grafana Analytics Dashboard

When we provide recommendation and predictive services to our enterprise customers, it’s important that we are able to keep track of and optimise the performance of the infrastructure as well as the impact of the recommendations and predictions on KPIs. We’re excited to include our favourite open-source analytics dashboard as a fully integrated component in Seldon’s machine learning infrastructure. The new 1.3.2 release…

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