5 MLOps Communities to Level Up Your Skills

Our open source community is hugely important to us, so on the 5th day of MLOps, we’re giving you five MLOps community and meetup recommendations. 

The future of this technology is going to be so essential to all aspects of this business, so creating networks of expertise, advice and knowledge sharing is paramount. These groups have put on a range of activities, from in-person meetups to reading groups, hackathons or podcasts. 

There are loads more, but I’ve selected a few of my top suggestions: 


Datatalks.Club is a community of data enthusiasts who continually puts out top-quality content. They have a range of community activities including webinars, live podcasts, workshops and conferences. You can watch a huge range of content on their youtube channel or subscribe to their Google calendar of events. 


MLOps.community is a fantastic resource, consistently pushing out video and podcast content on the hottest topics in the MLOps world. Join their Slack channel to get answers to essential questions and share knowledge. Their video library is in full here and they have new blog posts a couple times a week. 

Data on Kubernetes

The Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) aims to assist in the emergence and development of techniques for the use of Kubernetes for data, sharing good practices and helping users solve their issues. They have weekly meetups and have a huge library of videos, blogs, graphics, and more. 

This year they also published their 2022 Data on Kubernetes report where they surveyed Kubernetes users to understand the types and volume of data workloads deployed in Kubernetes, benefits, and challenges, and the factors driving further adoption. 


We obviously had to include this one! Seldon’s very own community MLOps LDN has been going strong for over a year, offering in-person and virtual meetups from top thought leaders across the MLOps space. Our regular meetups are an opportunity to hear from leaders in the field about challenges, tooling and best practices. At the meetups at our HQ in London, you’ll meet ke-minded engineers, developers and data scientists who focus on the challenges faced while building and deploying production Machine Learning systems at scale. It is an open and diverse place to meet, share experiences and learn from each other.

Watch all the previous meet ups here or join our online Slack community for troubleshooting and community support!


ODSC is a massive community that puts on large-scale conferences all over the world and also has a wide range of content to choose from. Their goal is to bring together the global data science community in an effort to encourage the exchange of innovative ideas and the growth of open source software. Take a look at the range of events they’re hosting here and the variety of content they have here. It’s likely no matter where you are in the world, ODSC will have something going on near you soon!

Bonus entry: I’d also like to recommend a great MLOps discord that’s run by Chip Huyen, you can sign up here.







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