A spotlight on Seldon’s growing Slack community

By Ed Shee, Head of Developer Relations

Recently, we celebrated the advent of our 2,000th Slack community member here at Seldon! As a technology company that works across multiple open source products, community-building has always been an essential part of our fabric, which is why reaching this milestone for our community Slack group is such an important landmark for us.

Slack communities are digital congregations that enable users to interact with like-minded professionals from their industries, and our channel is an important platform for us to enable open source collaboration between our team and developers who are keen to contribute to Seldon’s projects. Whether that be sharing bug fixes, or planning out entirely new features, our Slack community is the ideal place to bring developers from around the world together to improve our products – and we place immense value on this.

Stephen Batifol, a Machine Learning Engineer at Wolt, uses our Slack community to stay closely connected with Seldon’s products:

“Being a part of the community has been very helpful because it allows me to feel like I am a real part of Seldon’s core,” Stephen says. “It’s also really useful if you have a problem that you cannot find the solution to – if you want to contribute, the community is always very happy to offer some guidance.”

David Pryce, Senior Manager – Data Science at Jamf, identified Seldon in his search to replace a previous MLOps solution, and is a great advocate of the community:

“When looking to replace our existing tools, Seldon was high on the list, not just for the great technology, cloud-native or framework agnostic, but also the awesome community support,” he says. “We have been able to go from zero to deployment with quite a niche use case, and whenever we get an issue, we can discuss it directly with Seldon’s developers or quickly raise a bug or pull request. Seldon’s dedication to open source is incredible and has been a game-changer for us!”

Our Slack community isn’t just about our own products, though. It has also served as a great place for engineers and developers alike to talk about the technology sector, share best practices, and provide anecdotes about their own MLOps journeys.

Community member Rachit Ahuja, a Machine Learning and Data Engineering Consultant at Data Reply, agrees:

“Joining the Seldon Community has been hugely beneficial because it has helped me connect with other ML engineers who are working on problems similar to ours,” he says. “It’s a tight-knit community where you can ask for help with technical issues and also learn from other people’s experiences.”

As the community has continued to grow, our team has started running a series of regular community calls, during which we cover off hot industry topics and chat through additional features to our product line. We’re excited to offer new members the chance to engage with the broader Seldon community and we’ll soon be naming our first community champions to recognise some of our stand-out members, along with a host of other fun initiatives!

If you want to learn more and get involved, you can join our Slack community now.


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