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AI Cruise 2018!

We are thankful to everyone who attended one of our biggest events this summer – AI Cruise 2018!

We’ve been running regular events for data science and business communities and to make the most of the English summer, bring together our clients and community, we decided to host our summer party on the Thames. Little did we know when we booked it that England would also be in the semi-final of the football World Cup!

We teamed up with our friends and collaboration partners from Simudyne, InstaDeep, and Mesosphere to celebrate AI community aboard with talks from Google,, as well as an entertaining performance from an AI comedian. The event was a success and brought together over 170 industry professionals from fintech, business, machine learning and broader AI ecosystem.

Our first speaker, Barbara Fusinska, shared examples of how technology and science can mimic something that used to appear inaccessible to the machines. ‘It is said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. With the latest advancements in Machine Learning, this sentence couldn’t be more close to the truth’, explains Barbara. ‘Artificial Intelligence is the field that made us believe that finally, concepts that previously laid in the sci-fi area are now possible’.

Tim Gordon has over twenty years of international leadership experience in growing businesses and digital and data transformation in the media, financial services, consumer, not for profit, campaigning, local search and lead generation industries. Tim shared his perspective and what broader business experience tells us about where the AI industry is at the present and where the opportunities and challenges lie. ‘It is a key to get the broader community and key stakeholders (company board and leadership) on the side’ says Tim. Without this – no matter how brilliant the tech is, you will never deliver on your full potential. Click here to hear more.

Our team at Seldon has been working on some very exciting developments and Alex Housley, CEO at Seldon, gave everyone on board a preview of our new brand. Watch the event video below!


About us:

We’re Seldon, a machine learning pioneer founded in London in 2014. Based in the fintech hub of Shoreditch, we enable some of the world’s leading businesses to accelerate the adoption of large scale machine learning to help solve their most pressing challenges and shape the future.

In 2015 we created Seldon Core, our first open-source release, which has grown into one of the world’s most popular machine learning deployment platforms. Today, our fast-growing global network is founded on a community of Machine Learning and DevOps specialists. Our contributors, customers and partners include the largest and most innovative companies in finance and technology.

Want to meet us?

Seldon has been running monthly TensorFlow London meetups for the past 2 years, last month we hosted an AI community leaders summit at the Google Campus to bring AI leaders together for a day of discussions and presentations. Don’t miss out on the next event and join our Newsletter!

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