Seldon Launches New Commercial Kubernetes Application on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Seldon’s solution gives customers the ability to deploy and manage machine learning model graphs leveraging Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes LONDON, July 18, 2018 — Seldon today announced it is introducing a commercial Kubernetes application to all users of the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace (GCP Marketplace). The new offering will provide customers with Seldon Core,…

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AI can make us Banking Masters or Morons

An iCub robot learns how to play from a child. Photograph: Dr Patricia Shaw/EPSRC/PA It’s hard to miss the fanfare – AI/Machine Learning is going to bring a huge transformation to the banking sector. But application is slow. The fit is uncomfortable. It’s become clear that to achieve the greatest results, there needs to be…

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Seldon feature in The Telegraph

We’re excited that the Telegraph ran a story about Seldon today! This is the first mention of Seldon in the national press since we came our of stealth last month. “Other companies only offer black box solutions,” he said. “They hide all the technology that’s happening underneath the surface so you’re forced to keep pushing…

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