Seldon Deploy

The Industry Leading MLOps Platform for the Enterprise

Seldon Deploy

The Industry Leading MLOps Platform for the Enterprise

Seldon Deploy is the proven MLOps platform to
serve, monitor, explain and manage your
machine learning models.

Trusted by the worlds most advanced MLOps teams

82% Productivity Gains

Achieved on average by our customers after their first year of using Seldon to speed up processes

Full Control of ML Systems

Use our latest data-centric pipelines to manage and monitor your ML models holistically so you can quickly pinpoint and diagnose when something goes wrong in your AI implementation

Cost-effective and Eco

Reduce the infrastructure burden of running or thousands of models in production by using an integrated platform

Serve Models - Faster

Seldon Deploy enables the orchestration of models and monitoring components at scale. 

  • Workflow and Configuration Wizards for simple and faster setup and deployments.
  • Canary and A/B Testing for constant optimisation and peak performance.
  • Enterprise APIs with SDK resulting in huge time savings and enhanced collaboration across the business.
  • Configurable Multi-Model Serving allows you to deploy and host multiple models more cost-effectively.

Monitor Your Deployments

Advanced observability & monitoring can be added to your running deployments with built-in dashboards for distribution, drift and outlier detection. Set up alerts when unexpected behavior occurs and take action on production data issues in real time.

  • Operational Dashboards to view performance of all deployed assets in one place.
  • Drift Detectors so you can detect shifts in a model’s data dynamics in order to understand when to retrain models across all data modalities – be it text, tabular, image, time series or categorical.
  • Outlier Detectors to flag when there are anomalies in model predictions to decide if it is erroneous enough to retrain models across all data types.
  • Error Alerting allows you to quickly respond to incidents  before any negative impact on the business.

Explain Your Model Decisions

Drive deeper insights into model behavior and bias with productised Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) workflows.

  • Alibi Explainers provide insights into potential model output bias which means models can easily be refined through retraining.

  • Explainer Dashboards to visualize why something has gone wrong with your model predictions so you can take swift action to fix it.

  • Transparency of Model Predictions. Apply both local and global explainer methods across a range of data modalities to interpret model predictions for black-box or white-box models so you can build your trust towards transparency of model decisions for compliance and governance purposes.

Manage Your Assets

Intuitive logging, alerting, and audit trails allow for clearer understanding of ML pipelines across teams. Gain enhanced user management for granular policies and governance.

  • Open Inference Protocol improving portability to platforms that also use this API as we drive for more standardization in the ML industry.
  • Audit Logs using GitOps facilitates reproducibility, the ability to revert back to a previous state of your platform when something goes wrong and when coupled with user management, know exactly who accessed your system to make changes.
  • Model Catalog offers an overview of all metadata related to your model from a single repository including custom fields to help you track model information more effectively.
  • Granular User Management allows you to apply specific policies to each user or user group to define access rights down to the model-level so you can control which team members can create, view, update or delete assets in your environment.

See what Seldon Deploy can do for you

Seldon Deploy has enabled us to add explainers alongside 90% of our models. Now we really know our models work the way they were intended to.

Tom Clay

Chief Data Scientist, Covea

Blazing Fast Speeds

Seldon Deploy brings you the fastest deployment methods. All made possible through configuration wizards, workflows, and APIs.

Go Green

Multi-model serving allows you to utilize shared infrastructure across your enterprise you can reduce energy consumption as well as cloud/infrastructure costs.

Take Back Control

Compliance and control made simple with user management and role based access. Perfect for running AI in regulated industries.

Unlock the power of MLOps.

Book your demo and see how Seldon can help you:

  • Deploy models into production 85% faster.
  • Monitor for drift, bias, accuracy and performance
  • Explain model outcome and understand predictions 
  • Manage ML pipelines across teams
  • Comply with global regulation on AI fairness and transparency

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