Machine learning.

Business benefits.

At Seldon, we enable the world’s leading brands to access the business benefits of large scale machine learning, helping solve their most pressing challenges, from high frequency trading to fraud detection. We put our enterprise grade managed service to work, integrating seamlessly with your existing data science tools and enabling the shift from small-scale R&D to large-scale production.


We offer strength in depth. And truly international reach. Our fast-growing global network is founded on a community of thousands of AI specialists. While our contributors, customers and partners include the world’s largest and most innovative companies in financial services and technology.

Business impact

Machine intelligence is disrupting business for the better – with a tangible impact on bottom line performance. Put business data and smart algorithms together and you’ll feel the impact everywhere from media to finance and from sales to customer support, in companies as diverse as start-ups and multinationals.

Complete control

With Seldon, you’ll never be at the mercy of an unfathomable ‘black box’. Our tech is industry standard, our code is open-source, and we’ll even give you the option of deploying our leading-edge machine learning on your own secure servers. Join us and discover that you can leap ahead while keeping control.

Perfect partners

Why waste time reinventing the wheel? Instead, we’ll help you focus on solving tomorrow’s challenges. We work closely with business leaders and tech teams to put the power of machine learning to work, with ongoing partnership and expertise from consultancy and training to round-the-clock technical support.

Shaping the future.

Making it happen.

We’ll bring the transformational power and potential of advanced machine learning into the heart of your business processes in three steps.

Step 1: Analyze

  • Define use cases
  • Review your existing data
  • Propose detailed solutions based on your KPIs.

Step 2: Deploy

  • Build a predictive pipeline
  • Configure bespoke algorithms and models
  • Deploy in the cloud or on your secure servers.

Step 3: Optimise

  • Monitor and maximise your KPIs
  • Fine tune algorithms and models
  • Access our latest R&D and thought leadership.

How we can help

At Seldon, we deliver advanced machine learning infrastructure support and model building, underpinned by our leading edge open source platform. Our flexible support plans are geared for all sorts of businesses, no matter where you are on your machine learning journey.

Our price plans are subject to our enterprise licence and support terms as well as our GDPR privacy policy. Find out what to do if you have a coupon code.

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