Seldon Deploy

Create a machine learning deployment process with maximum cost savings, minimal risk and the shortest time-to-value.

Use machine learning to power your business goals

AI-powered businesses grow on average 30% faster, but around 1 in 10 models created actually make it into production.

Use Seldon to unlock the potential of machine learning for your organisation. With monitoring and compliance capabilities built in, we’ve seen businesses take deployment pipelines from months to minutes.

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Machine learning deployment is made far easier, meaning you don't have to be an expert to test, deploy and adjust models in production.

Model management

Metrics and dashboards allow users to monitor and improve model performance, as well as real-time analytics mean you can keep on top of data drift or any debugging that is needed.

Model confidence

Understand what features are influencing the model to address and rectify bias in order to optimise performance. Use anomaly detection to flag drifts in data or adversarial attacks.

Stack stability

Scale your machine learning capabilities across business areas seamlessly, with the confidence that Seldon will keep the lights on and minimise down-time.

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"The use of Seldon has helped drive efficiencies in our machine learning processes and operational costs, without compromising on our data science needs."

Steve Evangelista

Director of Product Management, Capital One

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