Growing our extended team


Growing our extended team

Building a strong team is the most important ingredient in the success of any start-up. That’s why I’m delighted to welcome on board some amazing new investors with deep domain expertise, extensive experience and global networks to join us on our mission to help organisations predict and shape the future with machine learning. I’m excited to share the great news with our community and extend my gratitude for their support.


Rewired is a new $100m robotics-focused venture studio that launched in the summer. When we met their venture partners, it quickly became clear that Rewired could not only help Seldon execute in the AI space, but also help us to expand our platform into the world of robotics and IoT. Intelligent systems are increasingly becoming decentralised with more data gathering and decisions at the edges of the network. For an insight into how we view the intersection between of AI and robotics, Rewired General Partner, Santiago Tenorio, and I co-authored a guest post on VentureBeat.

Rewired has a venture studio model and work closely with their portfolio companies, which means Seldon is supported directly by people who were early in Palantir and advised Peter Thiel, a builder of AI chips at Intel and cloud at Microsoft, partnership and a venture builder from AmEx and BlackRock, experts in sensors, blockchain and finance.


Force Over Mass is an EIS fund and investment platform that focuses on early-stage technology companies. Martijn de Wever and Theo Osborne have been supporters of Seldon since we launched around the same time 2015. We have been in regular contact, and I have seen FOMCAP expand their fund, portfolio, team and network significantly. Their team has extensive operational experience in tech and financial services including trading and risk, private equity and fintech. They understand the challenges of building technology companies and have always been a pleasure to engage with.

I’m excited to welcome both groups to the Seldon family along with new angels with leadership experience in the finance industry – they join an already strong group of angel backers who have been invaluable in our journey so far.

What’s ahead for Seldon?

Revenue has been the primary source of funding over the last couple of years – our clients include leading financial and technology companies where we provide a managed service for our ML serving cluster and model-building support. This new funding provides working capital for us to expand our team, sharpen our focus, and take Seldon Deploy to market in 2018.

Seldon Deploy UI — managing a canary deployment

Seldon Deploy is a new machine learning deployment platform that we have been creating based on hundreds of discussions with clients, prospects and mentors, and feedback from our community. It provides a stunning new UI that helps data science teams manage deployment workflows, providing new capabilities around infrastructure, collaboration and compliance – we invite you to join the beta.

On behalf of the team here at Seldon, it gives me great pleasure to welcome on board the teams at Rewired, Force Over Mass, and our new angel investors – we look forward to sharing the exciting journey ahead. Special thanks also to current shareholders including Techstars, Playfair and angels for their continued support. Seldon is stronger with our extended team.

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