Live Webinar

Accelerating Machine Learning in Kubernetes at Massive Scale

May 24, 2022
2:00 pm

In this webinar

As the MLOps ecosystem continues to grow at break-neck speed. Identifying the right tools for high performance production machine learning can become overwhelming.

In this session we provide a hands-on guide on how you can productionize optimized machine learning models in scalable ecosystems using production-ready open source tools & frameworks that scale.

By attending the session you’ll learn:

    • How to leverage these tools for your own models
    • The broad range of pre-trained models available
    • How each of the tools in the stack interoperate throughout the production machine learning lifecycle with a practical example
    • How to leverage ONNX Open Standard and Runtime for optimization
    • Scaling and monitoring machine learning at scale with low complexity

We will dive into a practical use-case, deploying the renowned Huggingface Transformers and GPT-2 NLP machine learning model using the Seldon stack, which allows data scientists to productionize ML models without having to deal with the complexity of the underlying infrastructure – abstracting the complexity of the underlying model servers and runtime (Docker and Kubernetes) environments & frameworks.

We will showcase the foundational concepts and best practices to consider when leveraging production machine learning inference at scale. We will present some of the key challenges currently being faced in the MLOps space, as well as how each of the tools in the stack interoperate throughout the production machine learning lifecycle.


Alejandro Saucedo

Director Engineering

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