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Welcome to Seldon. Our mission is to make the world a better place with machine intelligence. We do this by helping organisations deploy and optimise machine learning and deep learning models that power intelligent apps and services, deliver actionable insights and solve big problems faster.

Seldon is the data science infrastructure stack that you have been dreaming about — based on Kubernetes and containerized microservices; it scales horizontally in production in the most demanding enterprise environments, and you have full control to customise and operationalize your models faster on-premise or in the cloud.

Seldon supports models built with TensorFlow, Keras, Vowpal Wabbit, XGBoost, Gensim and any other model-building tool  — it even supports models built in most commercial applications. Seldon’s team and community are passionate supporters of open source technologies, and that’s why Seldon in built on leading open-source components including Spark, Kafka, InfluxDB and Zookeeper.

Customisable to support your use cases and internal systems

Deploy behind your firewall on your internal servers or private cloud

Performance testing and optimisation tools

Move faster with Seldon on your data science team

  • Extend your data science team with enterprise support.
  • Flexible deployment options with clear migration path.
  • Reduce development time and costs: machine learning algorithms from the open-source community, Seldon and your in-house data science team.
  • Move faster with industry models, customizable to support your use cases and internal systems.
  • Performance testing and real-time optimisation with multi-armed bandit.

Explore Seldon’s infrastructure

Seldon’s highly scalable platform is dockerized to simplify deployment to your private cloud or dedicated server infrastructure all running within a Kubernetes cluster. Our open predictive platform offers two main features, content recommendations and predictions.

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Seldon Open Source Users Group and Contributing

We love to hear your feedback and are happy to answer questions, so please don't hesitate to send a message to our users group. And, of course, we encourage you to create issues and pull requests on Github. If you or your company is interested in becoming a more active contributor in collaboration with our team, we would love to speak with you directly — please email

feather-smallSeldon is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0, an open-source license that is preferred by businesses because you're free to use and extend Seldon in your commercial projects.

P.S. We’re hiring! Visit our Careers page to see current openings.

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