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Seldon brings its Machine Learning Deployment Platform to New AWS Marketplace for Containers

Delivers customers advanced model serving and management running on Amazon Web Services.

LAS VEGAS – AWS re:Invent 2018 – November 27, 2018 — Seldon, the open-source machine learning deployment platform, today launched Seldon Core on the new AWS Marketplace for Containers. Customers can now easily deploy machine learning models and experiments at scale running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Seldon Core.

AWS customers can now use the Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) console and AWS Marketplace for Containers to discover, produce, and deploy container solutions – including Seldon Core. With today’s release, AWS Marketplace has extended its existing benefits and features to container products, with a rich discovery and search experience offering access to a curated catalog of trusted software from reputable vendors.

Seldon Core uses containers and microservices to serve models built in any open-source or commercial model building framework. It leverages powerful Kubernetes features like custom resource definitions to define and manage model graphs, which can contain one or more models as well as A/B Tests, ensembles and feature transformations.

“We’re excited to be a launch partner for AWS Marketplace for Containers, which will streamline the distribution of our open-source model serving and management platform and future enterprise products,” said Alex Housley, CEO of Seldon. “AWS has significant reach across organisations of all sizes and continues to innovate across the machine learning infrastructure stack. Collaboration between leaders in the public cloud market and independent machine learning platforms ultimately provides a richer environment for customers, which in turn, gives freedom of choice and a faster time to market for fully-integrated enterprise solutions.”

To get started, visit Seldon Core on the AWS Marketplace. Seldon Core is also available on Github with full documentation to install it on any cloud, on premises, or on your own workstation. You can connect with the Seldon community on Slack. If you’re in London, we would love to see you at TensorFlow London.

For more information, please visit AWS Marketplace for Containers and read the announcement from Amazon.

Please direct any enquiries about Seldon Core on AWS Marketplace for Containers to

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