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Seldon hosts Ethics Meetup #10: Do we need to rethink data for public good?

Seldon’s Tech and Ethics meetup is a place to meet up (virtually) very month to discuss a broad range of topics across technology and business from an ethical perspective. For an hour on a Friday lunchtime, a speaker will introduce the topic and present on the chosen subject, then lead the discussion on the tricky topics tied up in the ethics of technology and industry.

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This week’s meetup had one of our most engaging speakers yet, and sparked a great discussion on how, as a society, data can be seen and used to better the community.

Thanks to advances in the development of data-driven technologies, we now have unprecedented opportunities to unlock the social value of data. Data could now truly function as a common resource and a public good with transformative power for communities and society. For this to be possible, we must first acknowledge and address the often significant power asymmetries at play, and the privileged access that those who use, deploy and gather data often have.

Reema Patel is Head of Public Engagement at the Ada Lovelace Institute, an independent organisation seeking to ensure that data & AI work for people and society. She leads the organisation’s public attitudes and public deliberation research, and was a member of its founding team. In this session she led us through the ethical challenges about data use and how we can best ensure data is used in the interests of society.

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