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Seldon joins the new home of fintech

Banking alone will represent one fifth of a $31 billion AI market in 2019. And the banks that are able to deploy the best machine learning models faster will win.

Barclays has so much to gain from AI — it’s an organisation with vast amounts of data, high-value use cases, and strict regulatory requirements. This puts pressure on Barclays data science teams to build robust infrastructure with models that are scalable, auditable and explainable.

Seldon is helping Barclays shape the future of Banking with machine intelligence. Our platform helps data science teams deploy machine learning models into production.

Last year Seldon signed a deal with Barclaycard to predict credit default. We’re helping to identify which accounts are likely to go into arrears to reduce bad debt and enable Barclays to reach out and support customers sooner in their journey.

I’m excited that we’re now installing our machine learning platform on premise — on Barclays servers.

Working with Barclays and being a part of the Rise family has lead to many serendipitous meetings and referrals. A third of our commercial opportunities come via our network at Rise, representing hundreds of thousands of pounds in annualised revenue.

At Seldon, we’re big believers that the next wave of fintech will be driven by large financial institutions working alongside fintech startups. That’s why we’re placing our headquarters here at Rise London to take our collaboration with Barclays to the next level.

If you’re in Shoreditch and would like to join us to for coffee at our very own Brickwood, tweet @seldon_io or email


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