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Seldon open source beta roadmap

We are building Seldon to make life easier for data scientists and developers who want to harness the power of predictive analytics. We bring with us a 3 year heritage of R&D associated with providing content personalisation at scale with some of the world’s leading brands. Seldon is built to give in-house data science teams more flexibility to customise algorithms and integrate the predictive outputs with their internal systems.

The core use case in these initial releases will be to provide personalised experiences through content and product recommendations. Our roadmap prioritisation of these will be heavily influenced by your demand. So we would love to hear how you want to use Seldon as a platform now and in the future.

Closed Alpha

This month we be shipping our closed alpha (version 0.1) to . This first release will be a virtual machine with all of Seldon’s infrastructure preconfigured and ready to switch on for testing. It will include a movie recommender demo app that uses the MovieLens dataset, and a Swagger API explorer.

This initial release is for testing purposes only. It’s a single VM that contains all of Seldon’s infrastructure. We are planning to ship production-ready Docker containers around March.

Beta Roadmap

Here’s a quick heads up of what to expect in the following releases. We reserve the right to tweak this, and will keep you posted of any changes:

  • Version 0.1: VM including MovieLens demo and API explorer, which can adapt to your data.
  • Version 0.2: Docker containers with orchestration. Consul for elegant configuration. Grafana stats.
  • Version 0.3: Data config API and GUI. Algorithm optimisation via multi-armed bandit.
  • Version 0.4: 1st source code release. Pluggable architecture so that you can integrate your algorithms with Seldon using a common API.

The won’t be publicly released, so please sign up for free here for the closed beta to get early access.

Seldon Cloud

While we are just about to make the first releases of Seldon’s open platform, some of the world’s largest companies are already using our API to provide predictive functionality such as content recommendations at scale. If you want to get started quickly with a project using Seldon Cloud, then please let us know.


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