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Seldon pitch at the 10th City Meets Tech @ Level39

City Meets Tech LogoThanks to the organisers of City Meets Tech for selecting Seldon to pitch last week at Level39 in Canary Wharf. It’s a fantastic event that helps to bridge the gap between start-ups and people in the finance world who want to engage with startups in various capacities.

Here’s an extract:

So why is Seldon different? Billion-dollar companies are hooking their customers into monolithic proprietary black box platforms. And they want to break free. This is why Seldon is going open source…

The thing is: modern organisations want more control and are investing in data science right now. We’re shipping an enterprise-grade platform based on three years and a couple of million pounds R&D and building an ecosystem around it. We’re unleashing a glass wall data science stack and it is a game changer.

You can read the full pitch on Medium – apparently it takes 3 minutes!

Seldon @ City Meets Tech

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