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Seldon presents two papers at ICML 2020

Seldon are proud to present two papers at ICML 2020 in the ‘Challenges in Deploying and Monitoring Machine Learning Systems’ workshop. It’s great recognition for the fantastic R&D work from the team in diverse fields. Read the details on the papers below:

Serverless inferencing on Kubernetes
Clive Cox, Dan Sun, Ellis Tarn, Animesh Singh, David Goodwin
Organisations are increasingly putting machine learning models into production at scale. The increasing popularity of serverless scale-to-zero paradigms presents an opportunity for deploying machine learning models to help mitigate infrastructure costs when many models may not be in continuous use. We will discuss the KFServing project which builds on the KNative serverless paradigm to provide a serverless machine learning inference solution that allows a consistent and simple interface for data scientists to deploy their models. We will show how it solves the challenges of autoscaling GPU based inference and discuss some of the lessons learnt from using it in production.

Monitoring and explainability of models in production
Janis Klaise, Arnaud Van Looveren, Clive Cox, Giovanni Vacanti, Alexandru Coca
The machine learning lifecycle extends beyond the deployment stage. Monitoring deployed models is crucial for continued provision of high quality machine learning enabled services. Key areas include model performance and data monitoring, detecting outliers and data drift using statistical techniques, and providing explanations of historic predictions. We discuss the challenges to successful implementation of solutions in each of these areas with some recent examples of production ready solutions using open source tools.

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