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How Machine Learning is Driving the Automotive Industry Forward

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According to PwC, car manufacturers and suppliers’ greatest challenge is to comply with legislative requirements while at the same time ensuring cost-effective manufacturing and meeting the demands of consumers. To overcome these challenges, the sector is rapidly evolving to strategically use artificial intelligence to focus on optimizing the use of the massive volumes of data it produces. Seldon empowers the automotive industry to improve safety, reduce emissions, and enhance performance.

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Why use Seldon in the Automotive industry?

  • Efficiently deploy models and speed up time to value
  • Explainability in image classification on warning detection systems
  • Monitoring vehicle usage feedback models for drift

AI is revolutionizing the Auto Industry

Several governments and automakers across the globe have been undertaking numerous strategic initiatives to promote innovation in the autonomous vehicle landscape. AI in the industry is projected to expand at over 55% CAGR from 2023 to 2032.

                                                                                                         – Global Market Insights 

Revolutionizing Efficiency

Increase your automotive company’s efficiency and reduce waste. Whether it’s predictive analytics for supply chain management, neural networks for vehicle assembly lines, or decision trees for auto insurance policies–Seldon simplifies managing machine learning pipelines at scale by enabling seamless collaboration across teams.  

Significantly Improve Vehicle Safety

Seldon’s advanced observability and monitoring capabilities enable you to identify potential hazards in a vehicle’s environment. Manage predictive maintenance models to identify the likelihood of failure, schedule repairs proactively, and reduce maintenance costs. Use computer vision models for quality assurance parts used to build vehicles, and natural language processing to monitor driver speech against safety-related issues.

Customer Analytics

Customers in the automotive industry perform thorough research before making a final decision to purchase any vehicle. Use big data analytics to understand your competition and the trends driving your industry. Implement models that monitor your customer interactions with your website and marketing materials to identify the ideal customer profile and likelihood to buy.


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