Outlier Detection with Seldon

Introduction Anomaly or outlier detection has many applications, ranging from preventing credit card fraud to detecting computer network intrusions or uncovering medical problems. It can also be used to flag observations in your machine learning pipeline that are different from the data used to train the algorithms. Seldon Core is a language and toolkit agnostic…

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Orchestrating Machine Learning Models on Kubernetes* with Seldon*, nGraph Library and Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™Toolkit

This post was originally published by Intel Corporation on November 19, 2018. You can now run Intel’s machine learning model optimization tools using nGraph library and the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit on Seldon Core*. In this article we discuss the challenges involved for organizations that want to put machine learning models into production and…

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Seldon and UCL team up for open source data science project via Project Placed

Over the last couple of months, Seldon has been collaborating with a talented and enthusiastic team of students from the UCL Department of Computer Science on a research project called ETL for Data Science that focuses on loading, cleaning, analyzing and visualizing data. The placement was facilitated by Project Placed – a platform that enables 100s of…

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