Seldon 1.3.3 released with Kafka Streams

We’re pleased to release Seldon 1.3.3 with several changes: Analytics provided by Kafka Streams instead of Spark Streaming New Movielens 10 Million Demo Comprehensive benchmarking guide The 1.3.2 release of Seldon contained Spark streaming jobs to feed real-time analytics of running predictive API calls. However, Spark Streaming was quite a heavy requirement to enforce on…

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Movie recommender demo, documentation and API explorer

In a few days, we will be shipping a virtual machine with Seldon’s infrastructure preconfigured and ready to switch on for testing with your data. Meanwhile here are some recent updates: Technical documentation is now online: You can explore the various algorithms using a movie recommender demo built from the open MovieLens 10M dataset…

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Seldon open source beta roadmap

We are building Seldon to make life easier for data scientists and developers who want to harness the power of predictive analytics. We bring with us a 3 year heritage of R&D associated with providing content personalisation at scale with some of the world’s leading brands. Seldon is built to give in-house data science teams…

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