Deploy ML models and experiments at scale.

Familiar frameworks, unprecedented support

Seldon helps your data science team move faster and reduce the bottlenecks between POC and production. Our open-source machine learning deployment platform, built on Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies, goes far beyond serving models.

With Seldon, you have the freedom to package and serve models built in any ML tool using powerful inference graphs that streamline the creation of dynamic experiments and ensembles. There are a broad range of ML pipeline configurations, so we engineered Seldon to work seamlessly with Kubeflow and CI/CD to support “GitOps”methodologies.

Agnostic & independent

Support agile workflows between data scientists and devops teams using your preferred tools

Inference graphs

Faster to market with real-world feedback on the impact of models on KPIs makes happier engineering team


The platform does the heavy lifting, letting data science teams focus on delivering projects


Seldon Core

Open source Kubernetes deployment platform

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Seldon Deploy

Enterprise solution for managing ML models in production


Machine model inspection and interpretation library


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