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TensorFlow London meetup with talks from Google, NASA, and Badoo.

Seldon is co-organising TensorFlow London events since 2016 and it is exciting to see the community grow each month – now over 2000 members! In September, we decided to host a special TensorFlow meetup in collaboration with London Artificial Intelligence Meetup as part of AI Tech World Conference and speakers from Google, NASA, and Badoo. 


Talk #1:  How NASA Frontier Development Lab scientists use AI to find evidence of life

Our first speaker, William Fawcett, explored how artificial intelligence can help to answer one of the most challenging and intriguing questions of our existence: Are we alone? This talk explains how NASA Frontier Development Lab scientists use AI to find evidence of life using the first machine learning atmospheric retrieval framework for terrestrial exoplanets. This project involves NASA, Google Cloud, NVIDIA, Intel, IBM, Kx, SETI Institute, and others. 


Talk 2#: Practical Reinforcement Learning with OpenAI 

Reinforcement Learning has progressed as one of the best techniques for sequential decision making and control policies in the industry. DeepMind used RL to greatly reduce energy consumption in Google’s data centre. It is used to do text summarization, autonomous driving, dialogue systems, media advertisement and in finance by JPMorgan Chase. In this talk, Leonardo De Marchi presents some of OpenAI research, including OpenAi’s Gym and algorithms such as Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO). 


Talk 3#: Ultra portable Deep Learning with Tensorflow.js 

Traditional machine learning systems usually require some installation process when you want to run them on your own device, not anymore! Zack Akil from Google gave an overview of TensorFlow.js, which allows you to be training and running ML models on your device by simply visiting a webpage.

Next TensorFlow London event is scheduled for 17th October, where you will hear from Daniel Martinho-Corbishley CEO at Aura Vision Labs and Alastair Moore, Head of Analytics and Machine Learning at Mishcon de Reya. REGISTER HERE! 


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