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Machine learning is revolutionising business and transforming our lives. There are hundreds of use cases – here are some examples.

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Case Study

FX Market Predictor.
  • Identifying which way currency markets will  move within a short time frame (as defined by the market measure of ‘ticks’).
Competitive edge
  • Allows traders to enhance their position in FX trades through more accurate prediction of the market.
  • Deep Neural Networks latest research delivered a multi-point% increase over the baseline models.

Other Use Cases

Risk Analysis
  • Predict whether a customer will be low or high risk.
  • Supplement slow-moving credit scores with real-time insights based on customer behaviours.
Identify Emerging Trends
  • Identify new markets, trends or products from news and social media.
  • Provide early investment opportunities by spotting emerging trends.


Case Study

Enterprise Sales Recommendations and ML Predictions

Suggest products
  • Supporting documentation to sales reps
Build models
  • Disparate sources of sales and marketing data
Improve ROI
  • £52 million P&L boost from 1% increase in sales ROI


Case Study

Seldon is delivering a Customer Churn Predictor

  • An audit of company Data sources
  • The development and testing of a model
  • Provision of infrastructure to deploy the model
Competitive edge
  • Predicted churn 11% more accurately for direct customers
  • Optimized sales team for proactive churn retention
  • Boost P&L

Other Use Cases

Recommend insurance products
  • Predict which insurance products are appropriate for a new customer and upsell the most relevant policy.
  • Utilize social data and contextual data to classify users.
Fraud Detection
  • Identify fraudulent applications and commercial behaviour with pattern recognition and anomaly detection.
  • Reduce false alarms.


Case Study

Stock Transfer prediction

Seldon is working with a retailer with 365 stores to predict buys and sells and optimise stock transfer

Seldon will use
  • Buy sell historical data
  • Stock category data
  • Barcode data
To identify
  • Buys and sells for the next 2 week period
With the goal of
  • Minimising the number of items in surplus / deficit

Other Industry Use Case Examples


Customer Support Triage
  • Classifying and prioritise customer support requests to reduce the overhead of manual triage roles.
Score Sales Leads
  • Build on your sales history to build a predictive model to identify the most profitable sales leads.
Real-time marketing
  • Optimize the customer journey to by orchestrating personalised multi-channel communication.


Product Recommendations

Personalise the entire shopping experience to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Select from a suite of industry-leading recommendation algorithms including matrix factorization, content based, activity similarity, basket analysis.
  • Cross sell related products.
Next Best Action
  • Identify the next customer actions to maximise revenue.
Predict LTV (Lifetime Value)
  • Identify in real time customers who are likely to generate revenue.
  • Identify customers who are likely to be lost to prioritise proactive re-engagement.


Ad Personalization
  • Personalise the format of an advert – for example, customise the product, call to action and design.
  • Predicting affinity for brand or interest.
Ad Targeting
  • Deciding which audience to show which adverts
  • Personalised audience retargeting.
User Segmentation and Clustering
  • Gain actionable insights on your customers and audience by analysing the characteristics of the clusters.
  • Include segments defined by machine learning-based models into your marketing workflows.


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