How to Create a Machine Learning Framework

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With only 1 in 10 models making their way into production, deploying models and generating business value is already a challenge that many organisations face. However as you scale your machine learning (ML) operation, this challenge catalyses, infrastructure can become unwieldy, and in turn, ML becomes less effective.

By creating a machine learning framework, you standardise processes and future proof your operation so that you can scale with assurance and agility. Join our latest webinar where Ed Shee is joined by industry expert, Errol Koolmeister, AI & Data Advisor at AI Framework where they will be discussing how to build a machine learning framework with people, processes and technology, and how to scale this as the business evolves and grows.


Ed Shee

Head of Developer Relations, Seldon
Errol Koolmeister

Errol Koolmeister

AI & Data Advisor, AI Framework

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