MLOps in Retail: A Practical Guide to Customer Segmentation

About this webinar

From brick-and-mortar stores to online marketplaces, retail businesses are investing more in AI in an effort to stay updated with emerging retail industry trends, stand out among competitors, understand their customers better, and solve ongoing problems. MLOps can help you unlock the full potential of your data and drive success in the fast-paced retail industry.

In our practical session focused on the retail industry, we’ll dive into how to deliver real-life use cases to solve key challenges faced by most organizations. Our Solutions Engineer will cover the full production ML lifecycle by deploying, managing, monitoring and explaining a customer segmentation model.

Why use Seldon for the retail industry?

  • Run ML models at scale for increased supply chain efficiencies
  • Monitor your models for unusual behavior such as potential e-commerce fraud
  • Use explainable AI to understand continually evolving customer preferences


Ed Shee

Head of Developer Relations

Kelly Spry

Solutions Engineer

What you'll learn

  • The key challenges ML model deployment at scale can cause the retail industry
  • How teams can tackle a wide variety of use cases, including examples from Seldon’s customers in the industry
  • The full process of how to deploy a model in Seldon Deploy at scale
  • How to future-proof AI deployment through management, monitoring and explainability

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