About Seldon

Seldon predicts the future actions of consumers of media and e-commerce services across web, mobile and tablet.

Our scalable platform leverages behavioural, social, contextual and 1st/3rd party data to maximise the relevance of content and product recommendations to increase engagement and conversion. We use the industry leading big data and machine learning technologies to provide actionable insights and a scalable solution.

Easy to integrate REST and JavaScript APIs, multi-variate testing, and self-optimising algorithms ensure a smarter personalised user service that maximises your KPIs.

Our Story

A team of data scientists based in London and Cambridge have been laying the foundations for Seldon since 2011.

After cutting our teeth building location-based recommendation apps, we focused on creating a high-performance personalisation platform to shape the next phase of digital experience in media and e-commerce.

We wanted to make it easy for developers to harness the power of machine learning algorithms in websites and applications to boost engagement and conversions whilst improving the user experience. At Seldon we prioritise long-term growth and deep engagement over quick revenue and clicks.

Seldon serves over 3 billion recommendations per month to an international audience. Each integration is unique, with algorithms and configurations fine-tuned to fit like a tailored suit. In-house data science teams demand flexibility to customise the algorithms and integrate the predictive data with their internal systems.

In 2015, we are launching an open source predictive platform – if you are interested in working with us to gain early access, we would love to hear from you.

Seldon is based out of Warner Yard, one of London’s most exciting tech co-working spaces home to some amazing start-ups, investors, and the TechStars incubator.

Tech Stack

Our Team

Alex Housley

Alex Housley


Alex is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to establish the new open standard for predictive AI, to make the world a more personalised, productive and fun place. He is the co-creator of the Genome Laser, which sequenced the inventors of the laser and high-speed genome sequencing and blasted their DNA into space with an enormous laser.

Clive Cox

Clive Cox


Former Rocket Scientist, Clive is the CTO at Seldon and the brains behind the engine and co-author on numerous research papers. He was awarded a Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics and studied Speech & Language Processing at Cambridge University. Clive has spent the last few years developing Seldon’s algorithms and predictive platform.

Gurminder Sunner

Gurminder Sunner

VP Engineering

Gurminder has extensive experience architecting highly scalable systems in the games, media and e-commerce industries in the UK and West Coast. His role at Seldon ensures that the services running on the backend systems maintain their high availability and continue to grow in innovative ways.

Our Advisors

Miles Ross

Miles Ross

Miles has a fourteen year background in building digital businesses across start-up, growth and mature companies. As Head of Mobile at IPC Media, part of Time Warner and the largest magazine publisher in the UK, he set up the mobile business from scratch to running more than 45 mobile sites and Apps for brands, such as NME, Marie Claire and InStyle.

Barbara Kittridge

Barbara Kittridge

Working with early stage digital companies and start-ups, Barb advises CEOs and CMOs on corporate strategy, product commercialization and marketing strategies providing business development support to accelerate revenue.

Steve Karmeinsky

Steve Karmeinsky

Steve was involved with Internet in the UK before there was a commercial presence, Internet streaming from early days (1st UK Real Networks customer), and set-up the first Internet Dance Radio Station (Gaialive.com), also was involved with the 1st netcast of BigBrother (UK).

Claudio Weeraratne

Claudio Weeraratne

Claudio wrote his Master Thesis project on recommender systems and social networks at University College London. He also did a research internship on the same topic at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo. There is very little Claudio does not know about this subject…. he literally wrote the book on it.

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