Deploy monitor and explain machine learning models.

With the worlds leading MLOps platform.

Deploy, monitor and explain machine learning models.

With the world’s leading MLOps platform

Trusted by the world's leading MLOPs teams

Unlock The Power Of MLOps With Fast Deployments Advanced Monitoring Model Explainability Actionable Insights

How Long Does It Take You To Deploy A Model?

Speed that up, with production ready inference servers optimized for popular ML framework or custom language wrappers.

Serve your models how you want with advanced deployment patterns: inference pipelines, multi-armed bandits, A/B tests, shadows and canaries.

How Do You Detect Outliers And Drift When You Can't See Them?

Seldon will alert you when your models start to drift so you can take immediate action.

Use built-in and custom dashboards to gain visibility into model behaviours

Can You Explain Your Models Decisions?

Seldon gives you the power of XAI (Explainable AI) to meet regulatory compliance.

We Think We're Good...

But we’re not the only ones, see what our customers say.

Thor Larsen

Data Scientist

“With Seldon Deploy’s monitoring options, we can, with greater faith, run our models in production and see what's going on."


Adrian Rossall

Drug Design Platform Lead

“It’s quite an exciting journey we’re on….within AstraZeneca that we’re bringing all these technologies together to look at how we can make drug discovery faster and getting drugs to patients quicker.”


Jordan Vauls

Senior Data Scientist

“Seldon worked with our platform and built out the data science pipelines and introduced more automated machine learning. And this is why I love Seldon.”


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