Deploy monitor and explain machine learning models.

With the worlds leading MLOps platform.

Deploy, monitor and explain machine learning models.

With the world’s leading MLOps platform

Trusted by the world's leading MLOPs teams

Turn R&D into ROI with more models into production
At scale, faster, with increased accuracy

Seldon reduces time-to-value so models can get to work faster. Scale with confidence and minimise risk through interpretable results and transparent model performance.

The World's Leading MLOps Teams Use Seldon

Seldon Deploy can be used to effectively
build complex execution pipelines,
with no scaling bottleneck.

Edward Dixon

Data Scientist

Thor Larsen

Data Scientist, Noitso

“With Seldon Deploy’s monitoring options utilizing Alibi Detect, we can, with greater faith, run our models in production and see what's going on."

Adrian Rossall

Augmented Drug Design Platform Lead, AstraZeneca

“It’s quite an exciting journey we’re on….within AstraZeneca that we’re bringing all these technologies together to look at how we can make drug discovery faster and getting drugs to patients quicker.”

Jordan Vauls

Senior Data Scientist, Covea Insurance

“It worked with our platform and built out the data science pipelines and introduced more automated machine learning. And this is why I love Seldon.”

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