Seldon HQ at Rise London, Whitechapel

Do you want to solve the world’s biggest problems with machine intelligence?

We’re Seldon, a rapidly growing data science start-up currently building the next big thing in finance and machine learning out of Techstars Barclays Accelerator—the world’s #1 fintech accelerator.

We believe that artificial intelligence will soon be at the core of every business as processes become increasingly automated. That’s why we created Seldon, an open source platform that uses cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help companies make better decisions.

Several multinational companies are already using our platform, meaning the work that we do impacts hundreds of millions of users monthly. And that gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside 🙂

As well as improving our core platform, we’re also experimenting with neural networks, deep learning, machine learning, computer vision and computational neuroscience to create cutting edge technology that will become the future of business.

Finally, we’re an engineering-led organization that puts open-source at the centre of everything we do. So you’ll feel right at home amongst a team of passionate fellow data scientists and open-source enthusiasts.

Benefits of working at Seldon

  • Work directly with the founding team in the early stages of a potential rocket ship to make a significant impact on the future of the business.
  • Share options to align you with the long-term success of the company.
  • Exciting fast-paced start-up challenges with an ambitious technical team and unlimited potential for professional growth.
  • Satisfaction of knowing that your efforts, in partnership with some of the world’s most exciting and prestigious companies, will help to impact hundreds of millions of people.
  • Work at Barclays Accelerator in Whitechapel with an opportunity to travel for customer project and industry event.
  • Opportunity to travel regularly and represent Seldon at industry events.

Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer

Seldon is looking to recruit data scientists and machine learning engineers to work on a broad range of exciting large-scale client projects and play a key role in the development of our open-source machine learning platform and SaaS service.

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