Core+: A Strategic Investment in Your Long-Term Success

The need for effective and production-ready machine learning solutions is more critical than ever. A recent Harvard Business Review study reveals a staggering failure rate of up to 80% for AI projects, almost double the rate of corporate IT project failures from a decade ago. This highlights the importance of investing in the right tools and strategies to ensure successful implementation and long-term benefits.

Seldon’s updated customer journey is crafted from real customer use cases and market research, ensuring it evolves with every step of your business’s ML growth. This approach guarantees rapid and significant benefits from machine learning and AI across your organization. From the foundational Core framework to Core+ and Enterprise Platform, there is an ideal solution for every stage of your growth.

Built on a Solid Foundation 

At the heart of Seldon is Seldon Core, our trusted MLOps framework which has supported the deployment of over 10 million models. It is a cloud-agnostic framework that facilitates packaging, deploying, monitoring and managing machine learning models efficiently across different environments out of the box.

Core customers have access to a suite of features to enhance their machine learning capabilities and streamline operations:

  • Accelerated Deployment: Facilitates rapid setup, testing, monitoring, and scaling of models.
  • Advanced Rollout and Experimentation: Includes Canary and A/B testing to optimize performance and reliability.
  • Configurability and Integration: Offers customizable settings to fit different environments, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Offers extensive resources for effective deployment strategies.
  • MLServer: Open source access to a lightweight inference server also included as part of Seldon Core.

Core+: Your Setup for Success 

Core+ includes enhanced support to meet project demands, particularly for businesses with bespoke requirements. Available in both standard and tailored packages, it provides your business with essential support and training to ensure smooth operations. 

Included in the standard package:

  • Access to ML experts through our support portal,
  • Fast SLA response times,
  • A comprehensive warranty to ensure the security and stability of critical workloads and comfort over performance, and
  • Access to 3 IQ Sessions →

The support Core+ offers means your company can reduce downtime and ensure better system performance without adding stress to your internal teams.

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Tailor Core+ for Your Specific Needs

If your business has more complex technical needs or requires access to more hands-on support, Core+ can be tailored to your requirements.

Options available include:

This approach allows you to address specific challenges or integration requirements without the overheads associated with custom-developed solutions, and ensures you will only pay for what’s needed when it’s actually needed.

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Health Check for Continued Optimization 

We’re introducing an annual Health Check (for Core+ and Enterprise Platform), to maximize the efficiency and scalability of MLOps in your business. Guided by our experts, this service is designed to offer actionable insights for your setup, enabling you to fully leverage the product with recommendations around how to optimize, improve, and scale through personalized, data-driven recommendations. 

Key components of the Health Check include:

  • Personalized recommendations based on your environment, along with best practice suggestions from Seldon’s Customer Success and engineering teams.
  • Suggestions on when and how to upgrade Seldon and third-party components in your MLOps system.
  • Support for configuring and optimizing your setups for production readiness, enhanced monitoring, and more efficient model deployment.

Shape the Future of Seldon

All customers, starting with Core+, have the opportunity to engage with the Seldon product team twice a year during Roadmap Week. During these weeks, you’ll receive in-depth insights into Seldon’s strategic direction. You will also have the opportunity to influence Seldon’s development through direct feedback and feature requests, both during that week and throughout the year.

This direct line of communication ensures that we evolve in alignment with your specific needs. It further demonstrates our commitment to equipping your business with the most relevant and effective tools, supporting your unique development path to optimize machine learning across your entire organization and maintain your competitive edge.

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