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Coming this Spring, effortlessly deploy, monitor, and scale Large Language Models with Seldon

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Deploy Your LLMs

Deploy a large range of LLM types into production with confidence with access to a wide range of capabilities designed to optimize and transform the way you engage with data and interact with your users.

Easily navigate the trials of deployment to further innovation and beyond with Seldon’s new LLM Module.

Scale Fast

Easily handle high volumes of data and users without compromising on performance.

Increased Reliablity

Fast, accurate response with uninterrupted service even in high-demand periods.


Facilitates the creation of more complex applications for further innovation and scale. 


Integrate with existing infrastructure and leverage popular frameworks.


Stay in control of your data with monitoring features to remain compliant even in AI.


Access and deploy a wide variety of LLMs from text generation to reasoning. 

Live Webinar

Navigating the LLM Revolution: Minimize Risk and Remain Compliant

Date: March 19th, 2024
Time: 17:00 GMT | 12:00 PM EST

Join Solutions Engineer Josh Goldstein as he explores how companies, particularly those in highly-regulated industries, can effectively integrate Language Model (LLM) technology while maintaining regulatory compliance.

We’ll cover key topics including understanding the impact of LLMs, practical steps for preparation, staying compliant, responsible use of LLM, and real-world case studies. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to leverage LLM technology responsibly and achieve operational excellence in your organization.

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LLMs: A Practical Guide for Real-World Deployments

Master LLM implementation and operations with proven strategies from the experts.