Seldon's LLM Module,
From Dream to Deployed

The next step in your AI evolution through effortless deployment and scalable innovation

Deploy Your LLMs

Deploy the most popular Generative AI models into production with access to a wide range of capabilities designed to optimize and transform your business with Seldon’s LLM Module

Reduce Costs

Optimize your resource usage with multi-GPU serving and quantization support

Faster Response Time

Improve latency and throughput with continuous batching, K-V Caching, and attention optimizations

Contextual Interactions

Store and retrieve conversation history for sophisticated and personalized applications

Streamline Deployment

Deploy on-premise or cloud quickly through a simple interface

Key Integrations

With leading model frameworks like vLLM, DeepSpeed, HuggingFace, and OpenAI

Retain Control

Use existing workflows with support features like model management, logging, and monitoring

Increase Productivity, Outpace Competition

Discover the transformative power of GenAI by unlocking improved efficiency, creativity, and decision-making capabilities across all facets of your organization: 


For improved customer service or internal education, build chatbots or digital assistants with proprietary data

Content Creation​

Give content teams the ability to generate collateral quickly and easily to capitalize on market trends faster

Nurture Talent

Enhance talent development with tailored onboarding and continuous training, and accelerating the hiring process with faster analysis of resumes

Sales Support

Generate more personalized outreach, quicker purchase trend reporting with summaries, and generate lists of potential leads

Research & Development

Create simulations and models to test hypothesis in a virtual environment, speeding up research and development

Optimize Operations

Use historical data and trends to predict supply chain disruptions, refine routes, and dynamically adjust inventory levels

* LLM module currently in beta

LLMs: A Practical Guide for Real-World Deployments

Master LLM implementation and operations with proven strategies from the experts.

Stop Dreaming. Start Deploying.

Book your LLM Module demo and see how we can help you:

  • Reduce Cost
  • Increase Response Times
  • Enhance Interactions
  • Streamline Deployment
  • Optimize Operations

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