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Open Sourcing a Predictive API

Open Sourcing a Predictive API

On 6–7th August, Sydney will host the 2nd international conference for Predictive APIs and Apps. PAPIs will bring together machine learning practitioners from industry, government and academia to present new developments, identify new needs and trends, and discuss the...

Seldon Release General Prediction Endpoint

Until now, Seldon has been focused on providing an enterprise-grade open-source recommendation engine – i.e. to suggest articles, videos, products to people based on behavioural and contextual data. In version 0.93, a general prediction endpoint is now available to...

Seldon AMI for Machine Learning on AWS

We are excited by the response to Seldon VM, the virtual machine that we released last month. Based on your feedback have also created an AMI so that you can quickly get started on Amazon Web Services. The Seldon AMI is a self-contained environment with the full...
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