Seldon’s $20 million Series B Fundraise: What it means for our Customers, Community and Roadmap

AI is everywhere, and at Seldon, we’re enabling our customers to put AI in everything.  The benefits of this revolutionary technology are becoming increasingly evident, and we’re seeing many more companies roll out AI-powered solutions to innovate within their core products and to drive efficiencies across GTM and business operations. At this exciting tipping point that impacts all industries, we’re thrilled to announce our $20 million in Series B funding led by a new investor, Bright Pixel Capital (formerly Sonae IM). This funding is a major milestone for us and includes significant participation from our existing investors, AlbionVC, Cambridge Innovation Capital and Amadeus Capital Partners who continue to offer invaluable support and guidance. 

Organizations are investing heavily in AI, but many are struggling to scale out their models in production due to bottlenecks in team workflows. Increased regulation, compliance restraints, ensuring peak model performance and a lack of trust in model outputs are top of mind for AI-powered enterprises. Seldon empowers Data Scientists, ML Engineers and other business stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of machine learning to help solve these challenges with unprecedented efficiency.

The additional funding will make Seldon’s groundbreaking R&D accessible to more stakeholders than ever before. Considering the growing market demand for Seldon-powered solutions, we’re planning to build more customer-centric resources and more focused expertise across our Europe and US teams in order to accelerate the onboarding of new customers and time-to-value – and deliver world-class enablement and support.

Upcoming Product Innovations

Our world-class R&D team is pioneering academic research in the MLOps field. Our innovative products are built on top of our peer-reviewed, cutting-edge research – and taking this to market in new and innovative ways is a central focus of our post-Series B plans. We’re continuing to expand Seldon’s proven enterprise-ready products built on open-source foundations that have become an industry standard. 

In our next phase of growth, we’re focusing on four critical factors for AI success that matter to our customers. We are committed to creating a customer-centric culture where feedback continues to drive our product offering. These are the four pillars that underpin how we deliver efficient, effective ML pipelines at scale with minimal risk:

      1. Enterprise-grade infrastructure that is robust, scalable, secure


      2. Unlocking the full value of data


      3. Streamlined collaboration across AI teams


      4. Strong governance capabilities

    The first factor derives from how critical minimizing infrastructure costs, energy usage and environmental impact has been at the forefront of our customers’ minds. Being able to measure and maximize your organization’s efficiency is essential to both the bottom line and the carbon footprint of your business.

    Secondly, we’re pioneering the data-centric approach to AI, which is transforming ML pipelines for our customers. Following the recent release of Seldon Enterprise Platform and Core V2, we’re uniquely positioned to supercharge model performance through targeted improvements to data quality and model deployment. Thanks to our research partners at the University of Cambridge for working so passionately alongside us to turn this data-centric ML vision into a reality.

    Thirdly, there are a variety of stakeholders involved in ML workflows with a wide range of skills and priorities, which can complicate collaboration and cause major bottlenecks for AI capabilities. This is why we are passionate about streamlining collaboration across the diverse groups of people in AI teams as a route to minimizing time-to-value. 

    The last factor we’ll be focusing on with the Series B funding is reinforcing our customers with strong governance capabilities. Organizational AI governance processes can help you decide when, where and how to use AI across the business – and a clear view of the exact provenance of every model output and every ML-influenced business decision. With AI governance, you can establish policies based on corporate values, ethical principles, regulations, and current as well as future legislation.

    Team Growth and International Expansion

    This latest round of funding also enables Seldon to expand our already international team across Europe and the US. This means that we will have more resources and a broader range of expertise focused on customer success and delivering world-class support.

    In addition to our software products, we recently launched Seldon IQ, which is upskilling our customers to maximize the ROI of their ML strategy. With our expanded international team, we’re here to help our customers develop and deliver more innovative machine learning and data-centric AI solutions tailored to their specific needs. Seldon is enabling our customers to solve some of the most challenging use cases across the widest range of industries, such as molecular discoveries in life sciences to the manufacturing of and technology underpinning autonomous vehicles.

    In this next phase of growth, we’re here to empower you and your AI team to transform your industries and solve the most meaningful, impactful and exciting problems at scale. There’s nothing we love more than seeing our customers win and have their impact recognised by their peers and the wider market.

    What’s next for you and Seldon?

    I greatly appreciate everyone who has supported us in reaching this milestone – our amazing team, customers, community, partners – and of course, all of our VC and angel investors.

    We’re excited about Seldon’s future and for everyone working with us to solve meaningful problems at scale. If you’re curious about how we can supercharge your machine learning models to serve, monitor, explain, and manage them at scale – book a demo with our team today to find out more. 

    If you want to join our team on this exciting journey, check out our careers page to learn more about our culture and the open positions we have across the company.


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