MLOps: Isn’t that just DevOps? Ryan Dawson speaks at MLOps Coffee Session

Ryan Dawson, Engineer at Seldon, digs into what separates MLOps and DevOps in this video session with the Abstract: It can be tricky to explain MLOps to colleagues and managers who are used to traditional software engineering and DevOps, let alone your gran. We have to answer the ‘Isn’t that just DevOps?’ question clearly,…

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Seldon presents two papers at ICML 2020

Seldon are proud to present two papers at ICML 2020 in the ‘Challenges in Deploying and Monitoring Machine Learning Systems’ workshop. It’s great recognition for the fantastic R&D work from the team in diverse fields. Read the details on the papers below: Serverless inferencing on Kubernetes Clive Cox, Dan Sun, Ellis Tarn, Animesh Singh, David…

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Information Age: How to implement AI and advanced analytics, and observe the technologies’ transformational impact

As part of Information Age’s blockchain and emerging technology month, they explored the transformational impact of advanced AI and analytics Exploring the transformational impact of AI and advanced analytics and advanced analytics can have a transformational impact on every aspect of a business, from the contact centre or supply chain to the overall business strategy….

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BusinessCloud: Why AI Bias Cant Be Solved with More AI

Seldon’s Alejandro Saucedo argues that machine learning’s biggest problem is humans – but we are also the only solution in this in-depth conversation in BusinessCloud.  Alejandro Saucedo says he could spend hours talking about solutions to bias in machine learning algorithms.   In fact, he has already spent countless hours on the topic via talks at events and…

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Seldon Core

Seldon Core 1.2 Release

The Seldon team are delighted to announce the release of version 1.2 of our open source model deployment platform for Kubernetes. The release follows our award win for ‘Best Innovation in Open Source Technology’ at the 2020 CogX Innovation Awards and provides several updates outlined below. Following the release, Seldon CTO Clive Cox commented “With…

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DevClass: Can’t see the forest for the trees? Alibi Explain adds more models for better machine learning understanding

Julia Schmidt of DevClass dives into the latest release from Seldon’s data science team, Alibi Explain 0.5.o. Read the full article here or check out Julia’s other great work on their site. Machine learning teams in search of model explanations can now give the newly released Alibi Explain 0.5 a shot. The newest iteration of…

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Seldon releases Alibi Explain 0.5.0

The Seldon data science team are delighted to announce the release of v0.5.0 of Alibi Explain with three new techniques for explaining the predictions of machine learning models. This release features Integrated Gradients for Tensorflow models, Accumulated Local Effects for black-box models and TreeSHAP explanations for tree-based models such as gradient boosted models and random…

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Seldon wins for both ‘Open Source Technology’ and ‘Explainable AI’ at CogX Innovation Awards 2020

The Seldon team is proud to announce that we’ve been recognised with two awards at this year’s CogX Festival. Seldon has been selected for both the ‘Best Innovation in Open Source Technology’ and ‘Best Innovation in Explainable AI’. Seldon as an organisation is proudly rooted in the power of open source technology. Both Seldon Core…

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