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Our Mission

We are building the global infrastructure for ML operations.

With roots going back to 2011, Seldon Technologies Ltd was founded in 2014 with a simple yet ambitious aim:

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of ML to improve business performance and manage risk.


Leadership Team

Alex Housley

Founder and CEO 

James Perry


Clive Cox


Tanu Chellam

VP Product

James Tovey

VP Sales

Nick Abbott

VP Customer Success

Graeme Hutchison

VP Marketing

Amy Darlow

VP People and Talent

Gurminder Sunner

VP Engineering

Tom Davies

VP Alliances

Janis Klaise

Head of Data Science Engineering

Arnaud Van Looveren

Head of Data Science Research

Alejandro Saucedo

ML Engineering Director

Since 2014, we have achieved:

Over £10m in VC funding.

1m+ models deployed.

10k+ active clusters.

4.4K stars on GitHub.

Power to the people.
Powered by machines.

To achieve mass uptake, it’s essential to democratise technologies that were previously the preserve of tech giants – and put them in everyone’s hands. By February 2015 we’d made our first open-source release which has become one of the world’s most popular machine learning platforms. A year later, as part of Barclays Techstars, we began building applied AI use cases alongside the brightest minds in finance and technology. And we haven’t stopped.

Today, you’ll find us at Rise London, the Shoreditch home of fintech, where we host TensorFlow London, a community of over 1600 data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts. We’re kinetic, flexible and always looking to the future.

Seldon is a guest advisor to the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group for Artificial Intelligence.

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