Deploy models at scale with ease and peace of mind.

Deploy models at scale with ease and peace of mind

Helping DevOps and ML Engineering teams deploy machine learning models at scale with confidence

Deploy Models – Fast

Ensure swift infrastructure setup to seamlessly transition models into production.

  • Documentation and Guides for simple and fast setups and deployments
  • Canary and A/B Testing for constant optimization and peak model performance
  • Programmatic Access via APIs and CLI offers high configurability to fit your custom environment

Make the Complex Simple

Ideal for large-scale deployments and complex use cases, Core+ provides advanced technical support with access to add-ons including IQ.

  • Warranted Binaries offer reassurance your MLOps framework is robust and reliable, especially when running critical workloads
  • Customer Service Portal gives you access to Seldon’s world-class MLOps specialists to help with your most pressing questions
  • Key Integration and Service Add-ons are available to support you on your MLOps journey with Seldon

Unlimited Potential

With enterprise-level features and support options, Core+ is designed to fit unique use cases while remaining future proof

  • Resource Allocation to efficiently deploy and orchestrate ML models with multi-model serving and overcommit
  • Seamless Integration with various ML runtimes and support for the Open Inference Protocol, providing the freedom to build out your ML ecosystem effortlessly

Take a closer look

In this blog post, we take an in-depth look at Core+ and show how it can help you streamline your ML workflows, increase model accuracy and achieve better business outcomes. 

Unlock the power of Seldon


Speak to us see how Seldon can help you:

  • Deploy models into production 85% faster 
  • Manage ML pipelines across teams
  • Comply with global regulation on AI fairness and transparency

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