A lightweight inference server for your machine learning models ​

A lightweight inference server for your machine learning models

Specially developed Open Source tool for DevOps and ML Engineers to deploy ML models in simple environments.

Simple and Fast Implementation

Easily spin up inference servers with standardized protocols that handle the scaling challenges for production use-cases.

Serve Models via REST or gRPC APIs

Serve Models via REST or gRPC APIs

Deliver a swift deployment, complemented by standardized API definitions through the Open Inference Protocol

Flexible to Fit Your Requirements

Flexible to Fit Your Requirements

The core Python inference server to used to serve ML models in Kubernetes native frameworks, making it easy to modify and extend

Smooth and Efficient Deployments

Smooth and Efficient Deployments

Orchestrate dependencies essential for the execution of your runtimes, ensuring a streamlined and efficient operational environment

Built with Flexibility in Mind

MLServer works for you, by giving you the flexibility to serve models according to your requirements.

  • Leverage popular frameworks including scikit-Learn, XGBoost, MLlib, LightGBM, and MLflow frameworks out of the box while also allowing you to build your own custom runtimes
  • Access to over 3,000 ML developers in the Seldon community to address any challenges and learn from the collective expertise within the Seldon community.

Optimize Performance

Seldon Core comes with out-of-the-box features to enhance your deployment and optimize operations and reduce latency. 

Increase Speed

Increase Speed

Reduce latency and increase throughput with parallel inference running multiple inference processes on a single server, passing requests into separately-running processes.

Optimize Resources

Optimize Resources

Improve efficiency with adaptive batching to group requests, perform predictions on the batch, and separate a batch to send responses to users to further optimize resources and improve efficiency

Infrastructure Cost Savings

Infrastructure Cost Savings

Reduce cost and optimize resources with multi-model serving to run multiple models on the same server, whether it be different versions of same model or entirely different models

Introduction to MLServer

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