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After years of hard work and passion for creating the world’s number one enterprise-grade predictive platform, we are excited to have made our first open-source releases.

Seldon makes machine learning accessible to developers and gives data scientists a platform to deploy algorithms that are unique to their service. There are many organisations, from start-ups to multinationals, which require full control over their data science stack, and freedom to integrate with their internal systems and data sources.

It’s time to engage warp speed. We can’t wait to see what you will build with Seldon!

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Content tailored for each individual

Seldon is a disruptive data science start-up based in London. We increase engagement and revenue by providing a smarter predictive analytics and recommendation engine via open source and cloud. Our platform delivers the most personalised user experience for each individual.

We help the world’s leading media and e-commerce companies turbocharge their data science capabilities to leverage cutting edge machine learning algorithms for personalization, recommendation and targeting.

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Get started quickly with Seldon VM

Seldon is an open-source predictive analytics platform. Our proven machine learning algorithms and highly scalable platform serve recommendations to hundreds of millions of people across some of the world’s leading media and e-commerce brands.

Seldon VM contains the entire platform pre-configured in a virtual machine for you to get started quickly, to test Seldon with your service data and a movie recommender demo.

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Seldon Technology

Specialised algorithms for media and e-commerce

Combine and optimise algorithms in real-time, with no redeploy to test configurations and strategies.

Flexible deployment options

Cloud infrastructure managed by Seldon, or Docker containers on any virtual or physical server.

Easy to integrate with your service

Simple REST and JavaScript APIs that work with your metadata.

Scalable and highly available infrastructure

We built Seldon to scale and are comfortably serving billions of recommendations each month.

Benefits for you and your audience

Personalised user experience

Enhanced discovery and unlock the long tail

Improve KPIs - CTR, conversion, bounce rate and retention

Maximise Revenue

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