Machine Learning for Enterprise


An open source and platform-agnostic machine learning platform that helps data scientists add intelligence to organisations.

Serving billions of predictions and recommendations.

Machine intelligence is disrupting business.

It’s Darwinism at warp speed: organisations large and small are racing to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to win more customers and gain an edge. Seldon is the engine powering companies towards a smarter way of doing business.

Artificial intelligence. Real impact.

Build and deploy faster

Seldon speeds up every step of a data scientist’s job, from processing data to prototyping algorithms and models. We provide the tools and frameworks that propel data scientists past common hurdles, allowing them to focus on solving the last 10% of any problem.

Improve business KPIs

Whatever the metric – user engagement, product sales, conversion rates – machines and algorithms can help you more effectively reach your goals. Leverage the data you have to prioritize your time, work more effectively, and help customers make better decisions.

Delight end users

Deliver personalized recommendations that keep people wanting more, and give them something to smile about. Seldon improves the lives of everyone involved in your business, from data science and sales teams all the way down to your final customer.

Streamline the Machine Intelligence Pipeline

Seldon adds efficiencies and speed to every step of the data science process:

The Technology

Seldon’s open predictive platform offers two main features:

1. Recommendations

Give people content and products they’ll care about. Capture and log user actions via Seldon’s REST API, and use that data to update user models and deliver up-to-date recommendations. Seldon operates as a set of inter-connected components across multiple layers (real-time, storage, offline, stats), giving the flexibility to swap in your own components and build an infrastructure that makes sense for you.

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2. Predictions

Let’s say you wish to predict the lifetime value of a customer, or predict what products they’re likely to buy. Use Seldon to build supervised, learning-based predictive models, and put them into production at scale. Send raw JSON data to Seldon via its REST API to create a predictive pipeline, then extract and transform features to build models that can be used to deliver predictions at runtime and at scale.

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Integrate easily

Connect to your algorithms and models, and to third-party libraries and frameworks, via our Microservices API.

Choose where you deploy

Run on premise, or on Seldon’s cloud infrastructure – it’s your choice.


Scale fearlessly

We built Seldon to scale with your organisation, and are comfortably serving billions of predictions each month.

Enterprise Support

Move faster with Seldon on your team. Our Enterprise support solution works with you every step of the way, from analysis and requirements specification to scaling a machine learning production pipeline.

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