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Unlock The Power Of MLOps With Fast Deployments Advanced Monitoring Model Explainability Actionable Insights


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Increase Time To Model Deployment

Supercharge your deployments with:

  • Production-ready inference servers optimized for popular ML frameworks.
  • Advanced deployment patterns: multi-armed bandits, A/B tests, shadows and canaries.
  • Configurable Multi-Model Serving allows you to deploy and host multiple models more cost-effectively.

Explain Your Model's Decisions

Seldon gives you the power of XAI (Explainable AI) to: 

  • Meet AI trust, risk and compliance regulations.
  • Predict your model’s likely behavior
  • Identify potential biases in models
  • Describe model outcomes

Monitor for Outliers, Drift and Performance

Use custom dashboards and alerts to:

  • Promote model fairness and reduce bias
  • Monitor model performance to ensure stability & reliability
  • Receive alerts when your model starts to drift so you can retrain without compromising your results

Manage and Audit Your Pipelines

Enable seamless collaboration across teams 

  • Intuitive logging, alerting, and audit trails for clearer understanding and collaboration of ML pipelines across teams.
  • Revert models back to previous states with audit logs using GitOps facilitate reproducibility. Know exactly when something went wrong.
  • Advanced user management for granular policies and regulatory compliance

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