Introducing Seldon’s LLM Module: The Next Era in Generative AI (GenAI) Deployment

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the ability to swiftly and efficiently harness the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. In fact, a recent McKinsey report found that 75% of professionals expect GenAI to cause significant or even disruptive change in the nature of their industry’s competition, proving AI has the ability to usher in a productivity revolution, streamlining a myriad of operational tasks across all areas from software development to customer support. 

As businesses seek to leverage AI to solve complex problems by utilizing their data, the challenge of deploying these sophisticated models into real-world applications has become a sticking point. In service of this critical need, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Seldon’s LLM Module in beta, available with Core+ and Seldon Enterprise Platform, which is crafted with the goal of making the integration of Generative AI into your business as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.   

The Seldon LLM Module: What’s Inside?

Improved Efficiency & Accuracy

The Seldon LLM Module offers a simple interface to deploy and serve GenAI models, supporting local Large Language Model deployments and hosted OpenAI endpoints, including Azure OpenAI services. We offer LLM runtimes you can deploy with, enabled through integrations with the leading LLM-serving technologies such as vLLM, DeepSpeed, and Hugging Face. These solutions go beyond basic functionality with LLM-specific serving optimizations designed to minimize latency and solve resource usage challenges. These capabilities will enable users to:

  • Deploy the largest state of the art models with multi-GPU serving to increase performance and scalability.
  • Optimize latency, resource utilization and throughput through continuous batching, Key-Value (KV) Caching, attention optimizations, and quantization.
  • Optimize model sizes also using quantization. Facilitate model deployment and accessibility of AI across a multitude of environments without compromising on model prediction quality, and improve computational and energy efficiency.
  • Seamlessly store and retrieve conversation history through out-of-the-box memory management to easily construct sophisticated applications with more personalized and relevant interactions. This significantly enhances the user experience and paves the way for more dynamic and reliable interactive LLM applications, like chatbots.

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Focus on Flexibility

Flexibility isn’t just a nice to have, but a core driver in decision-making. The LLM Module reflects our dedication to versatility, enabling tailored support for your GenAI use cases across multiple data modalities, starting with a variety of serving options and a tech-stack agnostic approach to address your GenAI deployment needs.

The LLM Module offers seamless integration with leading GenAI-serving frameworks, including: 

This suite of integrations ensures your projects remain versatile in order to fit your actual MLOps needs and harness the full power of GenAI. Our goal is to ensure your GenAI applications remain relevant and useful in the face of continuous AI advancement. 

Seldon Support and Functionality 

The LLM Module is an extension of the broader Seldon ecosystem, building on top of Core+ and Seldon Enterprise Platform. It is designed to ensure your LLMs can be deployed and managed with the same efficiency and ease as your traditional ML models. You can leverage the full functionality of Seldon, including model management, Identity and Access Management (IAM), logging, monitoring, and more, so you don’t have to learn new workflows or juggle different systems for your GenAI use-cases. 

Why is Seldon releasing this LLM Module now?

According to a recent study in Gartner, approximately 30% of enterprises are integrating GenAI tooling at rapid speeds due to its ability to automate repetitive tasks, thereby increasing productivity across the entire organization and, in turn, reducing time and costs. We believe this is a critical step in giving back time to your teams to help speed up your innovation in MLOps.

From enhancing customer service through intelligent chatbots that provide timely, context-aware responses, to revolutionizing marketing efforts with AI-driven content creation and analysis, GenAI models empower businesses to operate more efficiently. In product development, you can accelerate the ideation process by generating new ideas and refining existing concepts. HR and People departments benefit from streamlined recruitment processes, where LLMs can sift through resumes, identify the best candidates, and even assist in crafting personalized outreach. And, most importantly, GenAI models can bolster decision-making processes by analyzing vast datasets to provide insights that your teams might commonly overlook. 

This cross-functional application of LLM technology not only boosts productivity but also drives significant competitive advantage, positioning your company at the forefront of innovation in your industries. It’s also important to note that as companies expand and hire, Salesforce found that 70% of GenZ talent is already consistently utilizing AI functionality, with 52% using it to make decisions. This means harnessing AI using proprietary data is essential to help keep your business competitive and internal information secure, and to employ and develop younger talent with new ideas. 

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Roadmap sneak peek 

This is just the beginning of our LLM product journey; even more new features are around the corner, like enabled streaming and more support for building and managing applications with LLMs. In the coming months we will be working closely with Core+ and Enterprise Platform customers to better understand their real needs and use cases of implementing the LLM Module in order to prioritize further development. 

Whether you’re rolling out cutting-edge generative AI models or optimizing established ML deployments, Seldon turns dreams into deployments through streamlined deployment and management in AI and MLOps. Enterprise Platform or Core+, together with our new LLM Module, enable your team to concentrate on innovation and development while confidently scaling your AI initiatives. 

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