2022: An exciting year of growth ahead

2021 was a busy, rewarding, and successful year for the whole team at Seldon. We’re so proud to see recognition for our products and employees, with Seldon scooping seven awards – including Tech Entrepreneur of the Year for our founder and CEO Alex Housley. In addition, we saw fantastic growth across all of our teams and implemented key hires across both our UK and US offices. There was a lot to be proud of as a company, and we’re even more excited about what’s to come in 2022.

So, what does the next year hold? In 2021, we established ourselves at the forefront of MLOps technology, and we want to continue pushing the boundaries as thought leaders. One really important area for us is research and development. We‘re committing considerable resources to this over the next few years to ensure we remain cutting-edge and pioneering in our approach. This year, I am focused on growing our software engineering, ML engineering and MLOps teams which are all hugely exciting and innovative areas to be a part of at this point so it’s fantastic to ring in new expertise in these fields. 

We’re committed to striking the balance between effectively enabling the team to sculpt their own personal development paths, whilst being well-positioned to offer a supportive structure, important benefits, and both internal and external recognition. Personal development is important to us, so we’ve implemented a £1,000 learning and development budget per annum for all employees. It’s up to you how you spend it! We’re also committed to supporting the team in developing as thought leaders, whether it’s speaking at a conference or writing a blog we’re helping to build the skills, confidence and profiles in the ML and AI community.

The Seldon ethos is about supporting individual visions and paths and intertwining them with our overarching company goals. I was so proud to hear a team member at an all-hands meeting recently say “You’re encouraged to find the aspects of the business you’re most passionate about and given the freedom to be creative about the ways you solve the chosen problems.” 

Ultimately, we look for people who are bright, driven, and curious, who love to work collaboratively to support Seldon’s ambitious longer-term vision. We strive to create a space where everyone is able to have a voice and influence the bigger picture when it comes to our growth.

As we continue to grow the Seldon team, I know how important maintaining our transparent and authentic communication will be in creating an exceptional place for people to work. Our CEO, Alex and CTO Clive lead Seldon with a clear vision, as part of a humble, down-to-earth culture. Seldon isn’t about hierarchy; we’re about great ideas and excellent execution, from everybody. We always want to hear everyone’s voices and views, and so we prioritise weekly scrums and monthly Town Hall meetings to spark off one another.

We know that a company is nothing without its people, and so we’re constantly developing our approach to best meet our team’s needs. I work closely with our Culture and Experience Champions, a diverse group of individuals spanning all teams, in order to define and implement people-focussed initiatives across the business. Over the last year, we’ve implemented flexible bank holidays, as well as 26 weeks of paid parental leave for the primary carer. 

As we look forward to our next exciting stage of growth, we’re seeking exceptional candidates for roles within our Tech, Product, Sales, and Marketing teams. If you like what you’ve heard, and want to be part of an ambitious scale-up at the cutting edge of MLOps technology, then we’d love to hear from you! Visit our careers page