The Industry-Leading MLOps Platform for Enterprises​

The Industry-Leading MLOps Platform for Enterprises

Used by DevOps, Data Science, and ML engineering teams to operationalize models at scale, while ensuring seamless governance, risk and compliance management

Trusted by the worlds most advanced MLOps teams

Serve Models – Faster

Swiftly put ML models in production for fast prediction insights to enable better decisions.

  • Deployment Wizards for simple and fast model inferencing
  • Canary and A/B Testing for constant model optimization and peak performance
  • Manage High Volumes of Models cost-efficiently and reliably

Reduce Risk

Seldon Enterprise Platform contains enhanced features that help you respond to unexpected behavior and minimize error.

  • Operational Performance Monitoring of ML models to proactively take necessary action
  • Alerting for fast response times to incidents
  • Open Inference Protocol alignment as we drive for more standardization in the ML industry

Address Governance and Compliance

For businesses that require compliance, accountability and control use Seldon Enterprise Platform to build trust while safeguarding against risks.

  • GitOps gives you the ability to revert to a previous state
  • Audit Logs allow you to know exactly who accessed your system and made changes
  • Model Catalog offers an overview of all metadata related to your model from a single repository, including custom fields to help you track model information more effectively
  • Granular User Management allows you to apply specific policies to each user or user group, and to define access rights so you can control which team members can create, view, update or delete specific models

Flexible and Versatile

Seldon Enterprise Platform is flexible, with the versatility to adapt to your current tech stack seamlessly.

  • Access through UI, API, CLI and SDK for ultimate flexibility
  • Serve Your Models Anywhere inculding Google, AWS or your own VPC
  • Platform and Language Agnostic to avoid vendor lock-in and retain flexibility throughout your IT architecture

85% Productivity Gains

Achieved on average by our customers after their first year of using Seldon Enterprise Platform

From Days to Minutes

Reduce time to value with Seldon Enterprise Platform’s easy-to-use dashboards, deployment wizard, and advanced support

60% Cost Savings

With intelligent resource optimization, customers can save up to 60% on infrastructure costs

Compliance Management

Know exactly who has made changes and when they have made them with features like role-based access controls, audit logs and more

Go Green

Reduce energy consumption through reduced consumption of overall resources

Flexible and Versatile

Cloud-agnostic and scalable platform that works in custom environments with high configurability

Our customers speak for us

Here’s what they have to say

“Seldon has made a huge difference to how we scale and deploy our inference Ecosystem. We now have the observability in place and were able to simply port all our models across easily”

Sash Stasyk,
MLOps Engineering team lead

Unlock the power of MLOps.

Book your demo and see how Seldon can help you:

  • Deploy models into production 85% faster
  • Decrease risk with features like custom alerts, A/B testing and version control
  • Manage ML pipelines across teams
  • Scale easily and with consistent performance regardless of the deployment environment
  • Comply with global regulation on AI fairness and transparency

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