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Machine Intelligence 2015 hosted by Playfair Capital at Bloomberg

London has certainly become an artificial intelligence centre of excellence, with Google’s acquisition of Deepmind in 2014 and world-class research filtering through from Imperial, UCL, Oxford and Cambridge.

At Seldon’s HQ, Warner Yard, we have seen an increase in start-ups with AI at the core of their offering in the last year, particular from the most recent TechStars cohort.

Our investors at Playfair Capital are particularly interested in the rapidly accelerating AI space and have organised an event called “Machine Intelligence 2015”, that will take place this Friday 5th June, hosted by Bloomberg and streaming on Bloomberg TV.

It’s an honour to be speaking alongside people from Deepmind, Centre of Existential Risk, Skype, Skimlinks, Swiftkey, Yahoo Research, VocalIQ, Snips, FT, Bloomberg, Balderton, Imperial and UCL. I will talk about the importance of open source for progressing the development of AI, commercial applications, and explore another potential future path for AGI.

Here are a few words about the event from Playfair:

Bringing together expert leaders in their respective fields, be that cutting-edge startups, leading academics or large company executives, we will delve into each main area of artificial intelligence. Whether its product recommendation engines, predictive search, text and speech synthesis, computer vision, we are moving towards a world of ubiquitous technology. A world where the rate of advancements in technology impacting the way we live, work and play is accelerating at an exponential rate. How will this change you or your business in the future?

Seldon has been committed to R&D focused around machine learning and natural language processing since 2011 – we built a high-performance recommendation engine API. At the point where the platform had scaled to hundreds of millions of API calls per month, we broadened our scope to deliver an open-source general-purpose prediction platform. We hit a major milestone on this journey this week with our v0.93 release which includes a new predict endpoint.

For more info, check out the event page on Playfair’s website.

There will be a couple of Seldon engineers joining me at the event on Friday and we hope to see you there.

Alex Housley
CEO @ Seldon

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