Seldon at AI & Big Data Expo 2021

At the end of last month (November 23-24th), we headed to Amsterdam for the AI & Big Data Expo – the leading artificial intelligence conference and exhibition event in Europe. Attended by more than 8,000 individuals, the AI & Big Data Expo showcases cutting-edge technology, and we were present alongside some of the most exciting and well-known data scientists and AI specialists. 

More than 500 speakers shared insights, unparalleled industry knowledge, and real-life experiences. The esteemed list of speakers included our very own Joel Hodgson, UK MLOps Lead and Sean Greaves, Seldon’s Lead Solutions Engineer, who explored the practical and successful implementation of AI and Big Data in driving forward business. 

Joel and Sean took to the AI for Enterprise Stage on Day 1 at 10:40 CET to deliver a session entitled ‘Deploying and Managing ML Models at Scale’. Their presentation identified what organisations need to understand and have in place in order to deploy machine learning (ML) models at scale, while also minimising risk.  

Joel talked the audience through the common challenges faced by organisations when scaling ML model deployment and how to overcome them. He also discussed various use cases at different stages of ML maturity, as organisations move into deploying explainers and monitoring alongside their models. 

Sean then walked attendees through the creation, deployment, monitoring and management of a ML model using a real-life use case. He covered a range of practical tasks, including training models on pre-processed datasets, deploying model artefacts with Seldon Deploy, and using explainers and outlier detection to gain insight into model decisioning. 

Later that afternoon, Joel represented Seldon as part of a 40-minute panel discussion entitled ‘Built to scale – Ramping up AI Projects’ at 14:20 CET.  

Joel was joined by an illustrious list of panellists, including Manoj Saxena, the Chairman of the Responsible AI Institute, Yizhar Toren, a Senior Data Scientist at Shopify, Alexandros Poulis, a Senior Director for AI at DataForce, and Michael Endres, Sales Director for Germany at Bulk Infrastructure Group. The panel was moderated by Patrick Slavenburg, a member of the IoT Council. 

The panellists discussed a variety of big industry issues, exploring the latest innovations within AI and Big Data, while also covering the impact it has across several different sectors. Specifically, the panel addressed the following points: 

  • How to move your project from “experimentation” to “live” 
  • R&D budget sign-off – understanding why you need AI 
  • Turning AI into ROI – what does value mean to your business? 
  • Top tips for moving your pilot to the next stage 

To discover more about our time in Amsterdam at the AI & Big Data Expo, or to view any of the content that you may have missed, see below where you can view our presentation in full.