Seldon is a co-organiser of TensorFlow London


Seldon is a co-organiser of TensorFlow London

Following the success of the TensorFlow London meet-up we hosted on 26th October at Rise London, I’m excited to announce that Seldon is now a co-organiser of future #TensorFlowLDN events.

TensorFlow logoThere’s no shortage of open-source machine learning technologies, with new and updated tools released every week – from streaming databases to machine learning libraries and pre-trained models. TensorFlow has made an enormous impact over the last year as it has established itself as the leading tool for building machine learning models. Google has made it much easier for data scientists to build machine learning model and train neural networks.

But piecing together the components to deploy, optimise and scale machine learning in production is time consuming and expensive. Too many companies are reinventing the wheel by building and maintaining their own infrastructure. Seldon helps data scientists and developers focus on solving problems by providing a fully integrated open-source machine learning platform and infrastructure. Kubernetes has transformed the way in which Seldon deploys to any cloud platform and on bare metal servers.

Stephen Morrell PhD at TensorFlowLDNAt the October meet-up, Stephen Morrell, a PhD student in digital imaging from UCL gave an inspiring talk about using TensorFlow to increase accuracy rates by using deep learning classifiers. With 25% of cancers missed on first screenings and a high false positive (misdiagnosis) rate, this is a deep learning use case that has the potential to improve and save millions of lives. We are big fans of Stephen’s work.

I also gave a talk on deploying TensorFlow models on Kubernetes (slides). One of Seldon’s machine learning engineers, Maxime Fournes, gave a hands-on tutorial on how to train a TensorFlow MNIST digit classifier model and deploy to Seldon’s machine learning infrastructure – check out the Jupyter notebooks on Github.

The next TensorFlow event is confirmed for 8th December – the booking page just went live, so please register now if you want to attend. Arseni Anismovich, R&D Engineer at Gluru, will talk about text classification and we will soon be announcing another speaker.

Finally, I want to give special thanks and a big shout out to our the founding organisers Altoros and co-host Luba Elliott. Luba also runs a cool Creative AI event – on 23rd November Aäron van den Oord from DeepMind is giving a talk on music generation

We hope to see you at #TensorFlowLDN on 8th December and in 2017! Register here.

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