Seldon Hosts Ethics Lunch Meetup #7: Future Healthcare and Ethics

Our Ethics meetup goes online this month, especially for a very timely presentation on the future of heathcare and the surrounding ethics. Hosted by Seldon’s Alejandro Saucedo and Ryan Dawson for an hour on a Friday lunchtime, a speaker introduces the topic and presents on the chosen subject, then leads the discussion on the tricky topics tied up in the ethics of technology and industry. 

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Watch the talk from this weeks meetup below:

Future Healthcare and Ethics by Andy Wilkins, Co-founder of vision4health.

Imagine a future of holistic, preventative, digitally-enabled medicine. Digital diagnostic services, increasing data collection, DNA access, wearable tech and more and more sensors for body data. Who might collect and own all the data? Would the benefits be distributed fairly? Could individuals be commercially exploited?

Andy Wilkins is a co-founder of vision4health, an independent think tank founded following publication of “Health Beyond the Fog, a 10-15 year vision for person-centred healthcare in a technology enabled 21st Century.” Andy has previously been our guide to navigating the big trends in healthcare and what they mean for society. This time he’s back to dive deeper into the ethical questions. He’ll briefly outline the vision for digitally-enabled healthcare and help us explore the many ethical dilemmas society will face.