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Seldon hosts Ethics Lunch Meetup #8: Responsible Business and Climate Change

Seldon’s Alejandro Saucedo and Ryan Dawson have taken their Ethics Lunch Group online this April. Every month they discuss a broad range of topics across technology and business from an ethical perspective. For an hour on a Friday lunchtime, a speaker will introduce the topic and present on the chosen subject, then lead the discussion on the tricky topics tied up in the ethics of technology and industry. 

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Watch the talk from this weeks meetup below:

Responsible Business and Climate Change by Mauro Cozzi, CEO of Emitwise. 

A frequent theme of climate change discussions is a sense of hopelessness and apportioning blame to groups over which one has no influence. Businesses, we’re told, are the ones doing the emitting and they don’t pay attention to how or how much. For this session we’re going to talk about taking positive action through Carbon Accounting.

Mauro Cozzi is CEO of Emitwise and he’s going to show how their tech makes emissions visible and empowers companies to reduce carbon emissions.

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