Seldon Deploy

Standardised model deployment, improved monitoring and instant iterations simplify operations between data scientists and DevOps.

Teaming up with Seldon

No matter where you are on your machine learning journey, we’re here to accelerate your integration, simplify the complexities of DevOps, and reduce your ongoing overheads.

Our managed services enable you to scale deployments in hybrid or multi-cloud environments. We have flexible commercial plans to support all types of businesses.

Business impact

Business data and smart algorithms combine, bringing 360º positive impact: from media to finance, sales to customer support, in start-ups right through to multinationals.

Complete control

Never be at the mercy of an unfathomable ‘black box’. Our tech is industry standard, our code is open-source, and you can deploy where you like – on your own servers or up in the cloud.

Perfect partners

Why reinvent the wheel? We’ll help you focus on solving tomorrow’s challenges, today. We work closely with business leaders and tech teams to put the power of machine learning to work.

Good thinking

You don’t have to be a genius to use business data and algorithms to your advantage. You just have to be smart enough to think it’s a good idea.

Artificial intelligence isn’t a dystopian sci-fi nightmare, nor is it exclusive to tech giants, the CIA, or volcano-dwelling billionaire sociopaths who like stroking cats and plotting world domination. A.I is here, it’s accessible, and it’s already disrupting business for the better.

A giant leap in 3 steps

In just three steps, we’ll bring the power and potential of machine learning into the heart of your business, and back you up with our expertise and round-the-clock technical support.

We’ll even give you the option of deploying our leading-edge machine learning on your own secure servers.

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