Seldon Deploy

Streamline and standardise the machine learning deployment process in order to find and create competitive advantages currently out of reach, manage business risk and ultimately deploy machine learning capabilities faster and with greater confidence.

Maximise the impact of your machine learning models

Over two thirds of businesses are using machine learning to address critical business issues, yet around 1 in 10 models created have never been put into production. Organisations are failing to gain advantages from their data science teams due to a lack of oversight and confidence in the models they create.

Seldon Deploy surfaces new levels of audit visibility for governance teams to meet regulations and manage business risk and allows systems architects to significantly decrease the time-to-deploy whilst simultaneously managing model degradation.

More efficient

Transparent workflows and easy collaboration between teams simplifies the deployment process and has led to consistent time savings of up to 95%

More reliable

Effortless scalability in a stable, trusted environment equipped with 24/7 expert support ensures your system is running in the most optimal way

More rewarding

Allow data scientists to focus on innovating in order to propel the business forward instead of being tied up in increasingly complex deployment processes

Less risk

Model explainability, intuitive dashboards and instant error reporting assures confidence and buy-in throughout the business as well as clear understanding when things go wrong

Test out Seldon Deploy in our Early Access program!

Through our exclusive EA Program, you will have the opportunity to get a head start with Seldon Deploy before the 1.0 release in the spring. We’re listening closely to our most active users, and customers and EA Program participants will shape the product and its roadmap.

Get your hands on our flagship product before the competition and help build the product you want.

  • Risk-free test drive – two months entirely free access
  • Understand how the technology can benefit your team
  • Influence the development of our product, and ensure it is best suited to your organisation
  • Learn cutting-edge ML ops techniques from the team building the next generation of tools
  • Fun events, meetups and check-ins for the EA community along the way

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