Mastering Deployment: Advanced Model Serving Techniques

About this webinar

Join us for an in-depth exploration of model serving with Seldon Core in our upcoming webinar. This session is designed for professionals who aim to master the complexities of deploying and managing machine learning models efficiently. This webinar will provide valuable insights into the advanced capabilities of Seldon Core and its variants.

Our experts will guide you through the intricacies of MLServer and Seldon Core, demonstrating the power of these tools in creating flexible and robust machine learning operations. We’ll dissect the enhancements in Seldon Core V2 and compare it with its predecessor and the new Core+ edition, ensuring you understand the best use cases for each.


Kelly Spry

Head of Solutions Engineering

What you'll learn

What to expect:

Comprehensive Overview: Understand the foundational concepts of Seldon Core and how it facilitates complex model serving scenarios.

  • Tools and Techniques: Dive into MLServer capabilities and learn how to construct microservices for both single and multiple model deployments.
  • Advanced Deployment Strategies: Explore detailed examples of A/B testing, shadow deployments, and canary deployments within the Seldon ecosystem.
  • Feature Management: Gain insights on integrating feature transformations and leveraging model monitoring for better performance and reliability.
  • Interactive Examples: Engage with real-world scenarios from various industries, enhancing your learning experience and applying concepts practically.

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