Seldon Deploy Advanced Launch

About this webinar

In this session Seldon announced Seldon Deploy Advanced, a game-changing data-centric MLOps platform to power next-generation production machine learning systems. Seldon Deploy Advanced is an enterprise-grade MLOps platform capable of supporting organisation-wide AI services and applications at massive scale. As of today, the core engine of Seldon Deploy Advanced powers over 3 million Machine Learning models across 10,000+ Kubernetes clusters, with enterprise users powering their organisation-wide ML capabilities across Pharma, ManufacturingInsuranceFinance and more.


Alex Housley


What you'll learn

This is a major milestone for the MLOps ecosystem as a whole, as Seldon Deploy Advanced brings together state-of-the-art concepts from the emerging field of data-centric Machine Learning into practice. The platform tackles these growing organisational pain-points when reaching scale. The data-centric features announced as part of this release push the boundaries of current capabilities of production Machine learning systems, and include:

  • Substantial cost savings through Multi-model Serving
  • Infrastructure optimization through Overcommit Functionality
  • Full control of your ML Systems through Data-centric Pipelines
  • Deeper User Insights with extended Usage Metrics
  • Discoverability of Production MLOps Assets through Model Catalogue

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